10 Shocking Celebrities Grillz

Here I listed 9 Celebrities that somehow Shocked their fans when they appeared in Social Media or being caught by paparazzis with these teeth grillz.

Most of the people got in love with it. These Celebrities wore them in the right way and made themselves look even cooler!!

Check below the Just Plena Grillz options, so you don't have to pay $10.000 dollars to get one custom made for you with real diamonds, but still look like a Million bucks Celebrity :P


1. Kylie Jenner


All Iced Out Grillz Set $44 or $24 Bottom only.

2. Tyga


Pink Iced Out Grillz $44.99


3. 6ix9ine


Rainbow Teeth Grillz $21.90

4. Kendall Jenner


Top or Bottom Single Grillz $5.99 each


5. Beyonce


Top & Bottom Half Fang $ 16.99. In this case, just the bottom for  $11.99


6. Miley Cyrus


Hip Hop Iced Zircon Fang $ 21.99 Bottom only or $41.99 the Set

7. Kim Kardashian


Gold Gap Grillz Set $11.99

8. Rihanna

Rihanna shocked everyone when she posted this photo of her blinged-out gold grill shaped like an AK-47 gun. 

Gun Shape Grillz $ 11.99


In another moment, Rihanna shines bright like a diamond thanks to this diamond engraved grillz.

All Iced Out Grillz Set $44 or $24 Bottom only.

9. Rita Ora



Teeth Grillz Top & Bottom $ 9.99

10. Kim Kardashian

Initial Letter Tooth Grillz $ 9.99 each