Zoë Kravitz slayed the look with her 18K Gold Bra at Oscars party

If you watched the Oscars and the news about the Oscars you probably saw that Zoe Kravitz absolutely got everybody's attention at the Vanity Fair Oscars After Party. With a Gold Bra and a Long Black Saint Laurent skirt, she stole the show! 

Picture: PA Wire
Wait! that's not just a simple golden bra or mesh top, however you'd like to call, but a highly collectible item from the Tiffany & Co. The design was made from 18 karat gold, which has the estimated value of $24,000 dollars!!! 
Luckily we don't need to spend $24,000 dollars to slay the look like Zoe, here I'll show you 5 Golden Bras which can make you look like a Hollywood Celebrity for less than $30 ;)

1. Hollywood Top $ 25.99 



2. Crystal Summer Bra $ 13.99



3. Sexy Crystals Top $ 27.90


4. Unique Shine Sequins Bra $ 27.99



5. Boho Sequins Bikini $ 15.00