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JP Pixel Whip LED Fiber Optic Dance Whip Dancing Party Props Rave Party LED Toys


PROGRAMMABLE LED Fiber Optic Whip. The #1 Best Selling Whip with 35 Vibrant Colors with 5 Customizable Color Sets to Save your Favorite Colors.

NEW FEATURES, IMPROVED DURABILITY - Featuring Rainbow Modes, Enhanced Programming, and a Low Profile Operation Button To Prevent Accidental Clicking.
With a Sleek and Tapered Style, Our Redesigned Lightweight Powerhouse Provides The Ideal Hand Placement and Prevents Slipping and Dropping So You Can Whip Worry-Free.

130+ SUPER BRIGHT FIBERS & POWERFUL LEDs: Smooth 360 Degree Swivel Ball Bearing with Over 130 silky smooth Fibers (.75 mm End Glow Nano Fiber) 6 Feet Long with Tapered Fibers. Powerfully Bright LED Light with 3 Brightness Levels
(Battery Included.)

PERFECT FOR DANCING: Great for Raves, Parties, Concerts, Flow Toys, Dance Accessories, Costumes, Light Shows, EDM Music Festivals, and More.

LIFETIME WARRANTY: Water Resistant, Durable, and Rave-Proof Powerhouse. 

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